How To Attach Jeans Buttons Like A Professional ? These 5 Methods That You Must Know

by | Dec 31, 2021

Jeans buttons are widely explicitly used for making the fastening of the waistband of your jeans much easier. And in every wardrobe, you must have an incredible pair of jeans. But attaching a new metal jean button to it can be a little bit intimidating. Like, how to attach jeans buttons? Or what tools should you use for attaching a new jean button? Or can you attach a new button without having to sew it?

A jean button is also called a tack button, and it is composed of two parts: the front and the back. The front is the more prominent button, while the back is the small one.

Attaching jean buttons typically requires no sewing at all. And in addition to that, it is not that difficult to attach it. In this article, I’m going to show you the ways, the steps, and as well as the tools in attaching your metal jean buttons.


attached jeans buttons with a hammer

First up is by using a hammer. This is the easiest ways to attach a new button to your jeans. You can do this alone at your own home as the materials you need are just easily found.

Step 1

Take your jean button and then place your jeans on a flat surface as you will smack your button into your jeans. Now grab your hammer as you need it to push the screw nails into the front part. And if you currently do not have a hammer, you can use an alternative one that should also have a small flat surface to hammer down your button.


Insert the screw nails pass through the denim fabric, put the button’s downside part on the screw nails, and press a little to make sure the nail is inside the bottom of the buttons. Although it will not keep in a perfect place sometimes, hold it still to avoid falling off.

Step 3

Then hammer down the front part of the button to make sure the screw nails go inside the buttons. And then you are done! Your button should be perfectly attached to your jeans.


attach a instant jeans buttons

Next on this list is by using an instant button. This button doesn’t require any hammer at all. But instead, it requires a screwdriver. It looks like a regular button, but the back part has a cross mark for the screwdriver. And with this, you can easily attach your jean button.

Step 1

Same as with the 1st one, the hammer, take your jeans on a flat surface, then insert the back part of the button into the inner side of your jeans. And after that, you attach the front part to the back part of the button.


After attaching the two buttons to the front and inner side of the jeans, turn it back to the inner side, then take your screwdriver.


Like screwing a screw, you use your screwdriver to push the screw down to the back part of the button. And after that, you should have your fully attached instant button.


attach jeans buttons by a hand press machine

This hand press machine tool is suitable for tailor shops or any small workshops. It is a handy tool when it comes to attaching a jean button. Also, there are different hand press machines for your buttons.

Hand Press Machines for attaching a jean button have different mold sizes, which matches the type of snap grommet or eyelet that you use and which is also relative to the size.

Step 1

Attach the first mold to the bottom part of the machine, get the next mold with a screw on it, and attach it to the upper part of the machine, below the ram.


Grab the back part of your button and place it on the mold that you had just attached to the bottom. And after attaching that, grab the more significant part of the button, then place it securely into the top mold.

Step 3

After the buttons are placed securely to the top and bottom molds, place the jean between the mold, pull down the lever, and release it. Now you have successfully attached the button to your jeans.


attach jeans buttons by a semiauto machine

Another way you can attach your buttons to your jeans is by using this machine called a semi-auto pneumatic machine. It is a very easy-to-use kind of machine. You can easily attach the button to it.

This machine is very similar to the previous way I talked about. However, you do not need to attach the molds to the machine manually. You also do not need to pull down the lever because it doesn’t have one. But instead, you will have to place the front and back button to its place like the previous way, and step on the presser foot kind of thing underneath the machine.

Step 1

Prepare your fabric first, then place the back part of the button to the bottom part, and then place the front part of the button to the top part.

Step 2

Hold your fabric, place it under the circle guide, and align it to the laser.

Step 3

After that, press down the presser foot underneath the machine, and your button should be attached successfully to the fabric.


attaching jeans buttons by a automatic machine

Last on this list. We have an automatic attaching machine. This machine is the easiest one you can use. It is an automatic button attaching machine that also comes with an automatic upper and lower feeding and an automatic attaching function.

This machine can attach to different buttons by changing the mold in it. It is also suitable with spring snap buttons, rivets, snap fasteners, eyelet grommet, and so much more.

Unlike the previous way of attaching a button using the semi-auto pneumatic machine, all you have to do is align your fabric to the laser guide and press down the presser foot underneath and let it do its job. You don’t need to manually attach the front and back part of the button to the machine since the machine will automatically put it for you.

Also, the automatic machines are only suitable for garments factories, speeding up the production process and making work more efficient.


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